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ME150L Heat and Mass Transfer

Syllabus (Fall 2011)

Heat transfer problems complicate nearly every engineering endeavor, even when it is not the main subject of interest. This course teaches the basic principles and practical calculation methods of heat transfer. The majority of the lectures will deal with the three modes in which heat is transferred, conduction, convection and radiation. Mass transfer which is analogous to heat transfer will also be treated briefly. When you are finished with this course, you should be able to solve heat transfer problems through order-of-magnitude estimates and/or in-depth analysis, whichever is more appropriate.

ME265 Physicochemical Hydrodynamics

Syllabus (Spring 2011)

Physiochemical hydrodynamics is a multidisciplinary subject dealing with transport and interfacial phenomena coupled with physical and chemical processes. This course introduces the fundamental principles of physicochemical hydrodynamics, with an emphasis on scaling analysis. The overarching goal is for the students to develop physical intuition and scaling tools to single out the dominant physicochemical process in a complex system.

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